The Psycho Chicken (psychochicken) wrote in singlemalt,
The Psycho Chicken

Linkwood-like suggestions?

Hi folks,

Suggestions sought. I am looking to buy a nice bottle for a good friend whose fairly limited experience of malts suggests he likes sherry matured whiskies and doesn't like even slightly peated drams. He fell deeply in love with my 15 year old Gordon and Macphail Mortlach Linkwood, and the Balvenie Doublewood went down well too, but he didn't take to something even mildly peaty such as Jura Superstition.

The temptation is to go for an older expression of Mortlach or Balvenie, keeping the sherry constant and staying firmly over the East side of the country, but would kind of like to broaden his horizons a bit and get him somethine else he'll enjoy as much. I recently devoured a bottle of Dailuaine 16 (flora and fauna) and loved it but some tasting notes suggest a peaty note which I don't pick up but a more sensitive palate might....

Am prepared to spend a bit of money on this one so suggestions welcome...


[EDIT] - It wasn't Mortlach he took an initial shine to, it was LINKWOOD. D'oh. Which I guess makes Mortlach an option....?
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