Smaugchow (smaugchow) wrote in singlemalt,

I am feeling superior today...

I stopped at Binny's after lunch today (any of you not in the Chicagoland area or unfamilair with Binny's - I grieve for you.) I overheard a discussion between a salesguy and a Scotch noob and I distinctly heard: ARD-berg, ISSS-lay, AK-un-TOE-shen, LA-guv'lin, and a Bowmore that rhymed with "Cow Lore." He referred to the Laphroiag and Caol Ila by pointing at them and didn't even try.

Fortunately the noob ended up with a Balvenie 12 yr Double Wood, so even if he has been misinformed about pronunciation, he's still got a fine bottle of whisky in his hand.
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