Smaugchow (smaugchow) wrote in singlemalt,

Counting my blessings

Since every other aspect of my life seems intent on driving me to drink right now, I'm thankful for the drink I have!

Balvenie 21 yr Port Wood - I don't drink this one much as it is the older statesman of the group and I really want to be in the mood for it. Thus, I have no tasting notes.

Highland Park 18 - OK, I get it now. I used to prefer the 12 year, but having spent time with this bottle I understand the difference. I can really enjoy the complexity and the interplay of flavors on this one - the heathery sweetness, the slightly earthy/peaty notes, the florals. Very nicely done. Glad I have another in waiting.

Talisker 18 - nuff said. Plus an extra in waiting.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban - I enjoy this, but not immensely. I have had a lot of very strongly finished bottles lately and this one is firmly 'meh.' Not worth $50 when I can get a Glenfiddich 15 yr Solera Reserve for $35 and I can barely tell them apart.

Longmorn 15 yr. I broke off the cork. Dangit. Thankfully I had a decanter handy. I like the subtle citrus I get on the nose of this one, though I don't taste it. It feels not quite sweet enough, but I think that is due to all the sherry/port monsters I have had lately. This should retrain my tongue well.

Scapa 14 - unopened.

Tamdhu NAS - unopened. Bought it because it was cheap and rare.

Singleton of Auchroisk - unopened. Boght it because it was rare. Hope to resell it at some point.

Linkwood 15 year - recently departed sherry monster. ENORMOUS sweet nose on that thing, though the taste didn't match the smell.

Buffalo Trace bourbon - recently departed. Too sweet for me. Maybe tomorrow I'll go look for some closeout Irish whisky that didn't get sold for St. Drunkard's Day. I loves me a deal as much as I loves me a drink.

Time to add to the stable, I think.
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