The Quivering Messiah (fudjo) wrote in singlemalt,
The Quivering Messiah

Tasting notes: Ardbeg Lord of the Isles

I bought this one around this time last year as a birthday present to myself, but it had to be shipped to a friend's UK address and I didn't have it in my hands until July of this year. I waited until my birthday of this year (Dec 10) to finally try it out:

Ardbeg Lord of the Isles (46%)

Nose: toffee, cream, smoky, sweet, heathery floral late in the nose, fruity

Palate: caramel/toffee, smoky, a little tobacco, a little earthy, some salt, lightly oily, smooth, nutty, fruity

Finish: sweet, sooty smoke, full and long, faintly salty

adding water...

Nose: fruity sweet, some smoke, some dark chocolate

Palate: sweet, toffee, smoky, a little salt, fruity

Finish: creamy, smoky, sweet, salt, nice and long

A great one from Ardbeg. Rich and full and tasty. Definitely one to relax to and savor. I lucked out and got it from Ardbeg's online shop when it was about USD$300, and as great as it is I'm not sure if it's quite worth $300. That said, I certainly don't regret having it! :) Unfortunately, it's out of stock and going for around $400 in auctions these days - there are certainly better ways to spend that kind of money on whisky.
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