The Quivering Messiah (fudjo) wrote in singlemalt,
The Quivering Messiah

Talisker 57' North and a cask-strength Bladnoch

Talisker 57' North (57%)

Nose: sweet, cereal, constrained, whiff of hot pepper

Palate: definitely tastes like a Talisker, cerealy, spicy, faint hot pepper, oily, lightly smoky

Finish: smoky, cerealy

adding water...

Nose: definite hot pepper, sweet, cerealy, oily

Palate: hot pepper, cereal, black pepper, oily, touch of sweetness

Finish: light smoke, cereal, sweet, touch of banana

Oddly, this one isn't salty like the Talisker 10-year. At any rate, I loved this one! I saw it at a duty-free shop a couple of years ago in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, but I had to sprint to catch my flight. A local friend happened to have a bottle and was gracious enough to share! If you like Talisker, you'll love the 57' North!

Bladnoch 1985 (Scott's Selection, 12-year, 60%)

Nose: lemon, cereal, olive oil, whiff of alcohol, hay, perfumey

Palate: oily, cerealy, faint citrus, some alcohol, faint herbal bitter, rich

Finish: hay, oil, faintly bitter, faintly citrus

adding water...

Nose: sweet, lemon, hay, flowery

Palate: sweet, lemon, hay, oil, spice

Finish: lemon, oil

A marvelous Bladnoch, and I'm glad Joe Howell from Federal Wine & Spirits in Boston recommended it!
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