The Quivering Messiah (fudjo) wrote in singlemalt,
The Quivering Messiah

A tale of two madeira finished scotches!

Arran Madeira finish (8 years in oak casks, 10 months in madeira casks, 50%)

Nose: sweet, orange marmalade, toffee, nutty - very fragrant nose on this one

Palate: very sharp alcohol, sweet orange, toffee, nutty, vanilla, bit of wood

Finish: orange, nutty, wood, medium length

Definitely enjoy this one with tiny sips. It's not a casual, social sipping whisky, but rather one with which to sit down and pay attention. The nose is marvelous, but the palate - while very tasty - doesn't quite live up to it.

Balvenie 17 Madeira finish (43%)

Nose: peachy/melony, but drier than I'm accustomed to from madeira finishes. faint wood, faint caramel, nutty, toffee

Palate: light, semi-sweet, peachy, melony, nutty, very smooth, faintly buttery

Finish, peachy, melony, a touch of dried apricot, nutty, faintly woody, medium length

I like this one a lot more after having a full dram of it, rather than the quick sample I had a while back. Rather nice, but not worth the $115 MSRP. Luckily, my roommate got it on sale for $75, and it's about worth that.
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