The Quivering Messiah (fudjo) wrote in singlemalt,
The Quivering Messiah

Ardbeg Corryvreckan tasting notes

57.1%, and it doesn't say on the bottle that it's non-chill-filtered...odd...

Color: nice peachy gold

Nose: earthy, chocolatey, leathery, salt at the back end, touch of heathery sweetness, peaty, oily, tarry

Palate: thick, oily, earthy, sea weed, herbal, spicy (hot pepper?), peat smoke, warm, encrusted salt, could drink this at cask strength

Finish: peaty, smoky, oily, touch of honey, a wee bit tarry, a wee bit bitter, nice and long

adding water...

Nose: sweet and floral, hot pepper (tabasco?), cocoa, salt

Palate: salty, coal fire smoky, oily, hot peppery, encrusted salt, bitter cocoa

Finish: coal fire smoke, touch of sweetness

adding more water...

Nose: sweeter, still a touch of tabasco, oily

Palate, sweeter, still oily, still cocoa, coal smoke, peat, touch herbal

Finish: touch bitter, touch of seaweed, touch of smoke, touch of wood, decent length

Overall, it's definitely a winner. There's a lot going on here, and I was surprised by the tabasco notes and by how thick and oily it is. It's definitely not like the Airigh Nam Beist, but more like the Supernova.
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