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Tasting notes from Montreal

Heya! Last week I went to Montreal and sampled some whiskies at the big SAQ near McGill, and farheavens brought me to the Burgundy Lion on Notre Dame near the Atwater Metro stop. I tried a bunch of things, including AnCnoc, Isle of Jura 10, Bowmore 16 Bordeaux, and four from BenRiach.

Benriach 21 (46%)
Nose: light, sweet
Palate: light, sweet, mild smoke, light salt
Finish: light, smoky, salty

Benriach 15 Madeira (46%)
Nose: light, sweet, woody, melony
Palate: strong alcohol, light, sweet, melony, salt

Benriach 15 Tawny Port (46%)
Nose: light, candy sweet, caramel, touch of tawny port, touch of butter, touch of alcohol burn, fuller than the madeira finish

These BenRiachs were decent, but I wasn't excited by them.

Canadian Club Sherry Oak (41.3%)
Nose: sweet, cough syrup, settles down a bit when aired out
Palate: sweet, cough syrup

Isle of Jura 10 (40%)
Nose: very fruity, light, sweet, nice nose
Palate: doesn't live up to the nose, touch fruity, light, sweet

An Cnoc 12 (40%)
Nose: light, sweet, rich, caramel, honey, cereal
Palate: whoa! light in flavor, but definitely not light in body! hit of alcohol, faint spice, cerealy, sweet, faint smoke, faint caramel
Finish: woody, long, sweet, nice, cerealy
I like it!

BenRiach 'Arumaticus Fumosus' (46%, dark rum finish)
Nose: interesting...peated, whiff of iodine and heather, but light and sugary sweet (interesting combination!), hint of caramel, thick legs
Palate: wow! iodine and smoke, heather, candy sweet, touch of lavender, faintly salty
Finish: long, sweet, smoky, faint heather
I wasn't jazzed about Benriach before, but this one is great! A good summer scotch. I gave it a star.

Bowmore 16 Bordeaux Finish (53.5%)
Nose: the Bowmore Dusk but balanced, smoky, sweet, caramel, wine, fruit, rich, heavy
Palate: winey, rich, alcohol bite, buttery, caramel, smoke, salt, fruit (grape and dried cherry?), touch of cocoa
Finish: smoke, dried fruit, cocoa, not very long
adding water...
Nose: smoke, caramel, honey, dried fruit, salt
Palate: same, with butter, wine, still rich, caramel, not as smoky
It's like the Bowmore Dusk, only with a handly on itself. The finish is disappointingly short, but otherwise I like this one.

Booker's Bourbon (60%)
Nose: vanilla, fruit, sweet, some wood as the alcohol evaporates
Palate: burn!!! numb!!! fruity, sweet, touch vanilla, touch toffee, nice!
adding water...
Nose and palate same, but calmed down, and with some caramel

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