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The Quivering Messiah

Even more tasting notes!

I was at a friend's place for movies, and finally opened up my Glen Ord 30. We tried a few other things, as well!

Glen Ord 30 (58.7%)
Nose: honey, sweet, lemon, floral, touch herbal, touch butter
Palate: strong alcohol, lemon drops + honey, bit of smoke, touch salt, touch herbal bitter, faintly oily
Finish: lemon, bitter
adding water...
Nose: more honey, more herbs, touch lemon, bit of butter
Palate: kind of ye olden flavor, more honey, herbal, lemon, bitter
adding more water...
Nose: sweet lemon, touch butter
Palate: lemony, faintly herbal, faintly bitter
adding even more water, the bitterness goes away, and even though there's no mention of it being non-chill-filtered, it gets a little bit hazy. The nose stays very nice, with continued notes of lemon and butter, but the palate gets a bit weaker (still lemon drops and butter).
As 30-year whiskies go, you can find many better. It's not as rich, complex, and smooth as one would expect from a 30-year. However, I lucked out and got it for $126, and I think it's definitely worth it for that price - I wouldn't go any higher than $150.

Benromach 22 Port Pipe (45%)
Nose: sweet, fruity, violet, grapey
Palate: sweet, grapey, grape skin, touch wood, touch butter, no bite, quite smooth

Balblair 16 (40%)
Nose: very light and sweet, sweet white wine, touch floral, very faint wood, kinda perfumey
Palate: light, wicked smooth, sweet, bit of wood

Glenlivet 21 Archive (43%)
Nose: sweet, cherry-vanilla cream
Palate: smooth, spicy, touch woody, cherry, vanilla, faint butterscotch
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