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Notes from tasting event at Kappy's

Yesterday I attended a scotch whisky tasting event at Kappy's Fine Wine & Liquors in Peabody, MA. It was a free event with tables from five different companies spanning 10 or so distilleries. The crowd was entertaining and friendly, and it appeared to have a reunion feel to it for the attendees (alas, it was my first time). Only small samples here, and not a lot of time to sit down and examine each whisky very closely, so my tasting notes are cut short a bit.

Macallan 20-year (Signatory un-chill-filtered, bottled in 1988 for Kappy's, 46%)

Kappy's purchased a cask for Macallan some years ago and had the cask on display at the store. The bottles came directly from that cask, and they were selling them for $80 each. Not bad at all for a 20-year. Actually, it's 2 weeks shy of being a 21-year, but they have to put 20-year on the bottle.

Nose: sweet, woody, fruity

Palate: sweet, spicy, full-flavored, creamy

Good finish on it. It was definitely very nice, but didn't have the super-rich feel I was expecting out of a 20-year Speyside. The $80 price makes it a decent buy, though.

Tullibardine 14-year Bourbon finish (Signatory, bottled in 2007, 43%)

Nose: sweet vanilla

Palate: light, smooth, sweet, spicy, lightly peaty

Definitely different than the Tullibardine I tried at Pint's Pub in Colorado a while back.

Tullibardine 14-year Sherry finish (Signatory, bottled in 2006, 46%)

Nose: light cherry cream

Palate: spicy

Er...yeah...should've taken more notes. :) I remember it being rather nice and a good easy-drinking whisky.

Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 27 (60.1%)

Another sherry oloroso finished one, tasted much like Batch 23.

Ardmore (couldn't find the age statement, 46%)

A peated non-chill-filtered Highland that was at the Jim Beam table (Laphroaig and Ardmore).

Nose: light, sweet, smoky

Palate: bbq smoky, rich, light body, smooth

Very nice one, this Ardmore, and I gave it a star in my notebook. If you like the idea of a smoky scotch, but find that the Islays are too much for you, give this one a try. Really nice stuff.

Laphroaig 10-year cask strength

Nose: under control, smoky, iodiney

Palate: mineral, seaweed, peat + smoke, iodine, sea salt, very nice with water

This one also got a star, and I'm mad at myself for never having tried it before. It's definitely on my list of things to get.

Laphroaig 18 (48%)

Nose: sweeter than the cask strength

Palate: smoky, peaty, but milder, smoked fish, light bbq, creamy?

Definitely a winner, and I gave it a star. The big problem is that its MSRP is $160 or so, and I don't know if it quite lives up to that price. It's a fine one, though.

Glenmorangie Astar

Nose: light, sweet, lemon cream

Palate: vanilla cream, lightly toasty, buttery, nutty?

Rather nice!

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban (port-finished)

Nice + rich. Is ok.

Um...that's all I wrote.

Oh, at the same table as Glenmorangie was, of course, Ardbeg. :) They offered samples of the Uigeadail, Airigh Nam Beist (a bit of a surprise, as it's discontinued), and Corryvreckan. My full Corryvreckan tasting notes are here. I haven't yet done tasting notes of the Oogie or Beastie, but I suppose I ought to. The intriguing news from the Glenmoriangie/Ardbeg rep is that there are rumblings that the Supernova will return in Feburary. No definite word on that, so stay tuned!

Balvenie 17 Rum-finished (43%)

Light + sugary, smooth.

Should've written more about it, as I did enjoy it. Looks like the MSRP is $125, and it doesn't live up to that. Shame, 'cause I rather liked it.

Balvenie Signature Batch #2

I tried Batch #1 back in July and liked it.

For Batch #2, I wrote: silly smooth, mild, buttery, light wood

Balvenie 17 Madeira-finished (43%)

Not as melony as the Glenmorangie or Penderyn madeira-finished whiskies. Woody, spicy, buttery.

(at this point, the notes get very brief and less legible...)

Aberfeldy 12 (40%)

Light, smooth, touch smoke, uninteresting

Aberfeldy 21

Nicely smoky for a light scotch, but not worth $150-160.

Aberlour 16 Double-Cask

Nice + balanced.

Balvenie 21 Port-finished

Is nice. Smooth + sweet.

Glenlivet 15

French oak casks, which give it a buttery taste

Glenlivet 21

Sherry-aged, mellow, nice, smooth.

All in all, a great event! It was great to chat whisky with a lot of people, both fans and reps alike. Many thanks to Tony from Kappy's for putting it all together!
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